Project Management

Vision to Reality

CAA ICON's approach is to merge the vision our Clients have for their venue with our project delivery expertise and become a unified voice throughout every step of the development. From the moment a Client decides to activate a new facility project, all the way through final completion and commissioning, we are a strong and consistent advocate to ensure their objectives are achieved.

Our project delivery approach is effective because we are a single resource focused on managing every detail encountered when developing a new venue.

Feasibility and Planning

Measure Twice

As the economics of sports have changed significantly over the years, we have seen the development of an unprecedented number of new stadiums and arenas. Our team has an in-depth understanding of facility operations and possesses extensive experience providing strategic consulting services for new facility development and renovations. We have performed numerous engagements involving a variety of sports and entertainment facilities including arenas and coliseums; football and baseball stadiums; recreational facilities; golf courses; convention centers; expositions and fairs; amphitheaters; casinos; horse racetracks; motor speedways; urban entertainment centers; hotels; and master planned resorts.

Strategic Advisory

Objective and Trusted

We have a demonstrated track record of providing high-quality, value-added consulting services to public/private sports and entertainment facility owners and operators, professional franchises, and leagues. As an independent, objective, third-party advisor, we have the ability to assist clients in a variety of unique and complex areas. We have no predetermined position on the course of action that should be taken. Our primary goal is to protect our clients' interests.

With ICON, you know exactly what you are going to get. Tim and his team are the best in the business when you need to be on-schedule and on-budget. They manage publicly-funded projects like it’s their own money and they still give the teams exactly what they need to be successful.

Ray Baker
Chairman, Denver Major League Baseball Stadium District, Metropolitan Football Stadium District