Connecting People and Animals

Colorado State University (CSU) is a key partner in the reimagining of the National Western Center (NWC), a combined 250-acre site for year-round education and entertainment. Vida at Spur is one of three buildings on the CSU Campus at National Western Center.

Vida at Spur brings together University experts, veterinarians from around the region, clinical and therapeutic service providers, and non-profit organizations to create a space focused on various aspects of animal health, including the connection between people and animals.

Healing Power

At Vida, visitors can watch dogs and cats in surgery, and a mock exam clinic is available for kids to practice being a veterinarian. Exhibits throughout the building, and by virtual reality, supplement the real-world experiences.

Visitors can watch human therapy sessions on horseback and get a front-row seat to the healing power of the animal-human bond. Vida also offers equine sports medicine and rehabilitation, and visitors can watch equine athletes undergo strength conditioning and therapy sessions.


CAA ICON served as the Owner's Representative for Colorado State University to oversee Vida at Spur. The following Project Management services were implemented:

  • Activate
  • Plan and Organize
  • Program and Strategize
  • Design and Pre-Construct
  • Construct
  • Complete