A Modern Colosseum

The new 52,500 seat venue, Stadio della Roma, is being designed to create an outstanding spectator experience with world-class amenities and advanced technology to rival the world’s best stadiums. This modern colosseum will anchor a 365-day-a-year destination of shops, restaurants and bars, including a Roma Superstore and an interactive AS Roma Hall of Fame.

The new stadium’s sightlines and proximity to the pitch are designed to deliver the most vivid and action-packed fan experience in all of world football. The architecture of the new stadium pays tribute to Rome’s rich history, while embracing the internationally-acclaimed modern and innovative Italian design aesthetic.

Stadio della Roma rendering

Services Provided

CAA ICON engaged BEAR Project Management, an Italian project management firm, to serve as a local representative for the project, in addition to CAA ICON’s current staff. Led by Steven Scamihorn, the BEAR team includes Antonio D’Elia, Luigi Morichetti, Matteo Agliocchi and Ilona Nervo. 

The following Project Management services are being provided for Stadio della Roma:

  • Activate
  • Plan and Organize
  • Program and Scheme
  • Design
  • Pre-Construct
  • Construct
  • Complete and Commission