Competitive Advantage

CAA ICON managed the design and construction of the $30 million training and development facility for the Toronto Raptors. The 68,000 sf facility features two full-size courts, including six baskets; state-of-the-art locker rooms with individual TV monitors above each locker; a large fitness, weight room and training area; an extensive medical and rehabilitation area, including cold and hot tubs and an underwater treadmill; and a player lounge with a full-service kitchen and dining room.


The OVO Athletic Centre also features a technologically-advanced cognitive operations room for the team’s management and front office staff. The room, named Raptors Insights Central, provides coaches and staff a comprehensive view of all pertinent data, such as player information and team and league statistics. 

In addition to the Raptors use of the OVO Athletic Centre, the facility is also used for a number of basketball development camps and other community groups.