Mr. Barrett was intimately involved in the San Diego Padres Ballpark (PETCO Park) and Redevelopment project. Mr. Barrett advised the City of San Diego from the inception of the project and was involved in all aspects of the project including planning, negotiations, economic/fiscal impact analysis, project referendum, legal documentation, financing, development, and ballpark management options. The project has successfully transformed a major portion of downtown San Diego. The project includes the ballpark, hotels, residential, retail, and office space valued in excess of $3.0 billion.

Downtown San Diego Before...

...Downtown San Diego After.

Services Provided

CAA ICON Strategic Advisory provided the following services:

Proposed Ballpark and Redevelopment Project Economic/Fiscal Impact Analysis

  • Construction Impacts
    • Economic Impacts
    • Fiscal Impacts
  • Operating Impacts
    • Economic Impacts
    • Fiscal Impacts
  • Non-Quantifiable Impacts
  • Substitution Effect/Transfer Spending



Proposed Ballpark and Redevelopment Project Strategic Planning

  • Negotiation Advisory
  • Market Demand Analysis
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Stadium Development and Financing Overview
  • Identification of Development Issues