A new era is ahead for Tim Romani, CAA ICON Founder, who will be taking on the lead role overseeing the development of a new stadium (and associated development) for AC Milan. Tim will continue his relationship with CAA Sports as a consultant and advisor, allowing him to develop strategic opportunities for groups within CAA Sports through his continued business pursuits in Italy.

Over the past 10 months, Tim has been leading the CAA ICON team to evaluate potential sites for AC Milan’s new stadium, implement market analytics, and develop a strategic plan for the overall stadium development. We are grateful for Tim’s leadership and contributions to CAA ICON and the overall venue development industry. Congratulations, Tim

To read more about Tim’s new role, please use the links below:

In Italian: https://www.calcioefinanza.it/2023/04/15/tim-romani-consulente-milan-nuovo-stadio/

In English: https://twitter.com/breakground/status/1647259937783914499?s=20