The iconic roof of the New Arena at Seattle Center is now fully supported by temporary steel – and three experts supply reasons to appreciate the feat.

At 3:56 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, the historic roof of the New Arena at Seattle Center was fully supported by 72 temporary steel columns, plus cross-beams (one per pair of steel columns) and a unique steel reinforcement structure nicknamed the “kickstand.”

Tuesday night, in a perfect bit of planning, three experts walked on the PACCAR IMAX Theater stage at the Pacific Science Center to discuss just how the 44-million-pound roof is staying in position without the 20 original concrete y-columns and four gigantic buttresses.

The first two speakers, Elliott Veazey, senior director at CAA ICON, a strategic management consulting firm, and Steve Hofstetter, managing principal at Thorton Tomasetti, an engineering consulting firm, hinted at the accomplishment...

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