Studio Manica have been chosen by Milan to design their new 70,000-seat stadium which, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, will be inaugurated in 2028 or 2029.

Studio Manica will work alongside CAA ICON and Tim Romani, founder of CAA ICON who has left the company to become responsible for the project on behalf of Milan.

CAA ICON and Romani have already contributed to the projects of the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and the Chase Center in San Francisco, home to the Golden State Warriors.

“I’ve been chasing the dream of a new Milan stadium for six years,” said Romani.

“CAA ICON and Manica will help us create a worldwide level stadium meeting Milan and RedBird’s Capital expectations.”

Stephanie Bax, leading the team of CAA ICON, said: “The most successful stadiums are those integrating perfectly into the community. We are looking forward to making it happen with Manica’s help and Milan’s vision.”

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