Looking West

Colorado State University (CSU) is a key partner in the reimagining of the National Western Center (NWC), a combined 250-acre site for year-round education and entertainment. CSU’s presence at NWC will expand the University’s programs into a dynamic, urban area, with strong links to rural areas, as well as the opportunity to reach regional and national audiences. CSU will be constructing three facilities at the NWC: The Water Resources Center (WRC), Animal Health Building (AHB), and The CSU Center.

Water Resource Center

The WRC will be the first new facility at the NWC and will set the stage for this transformative project. The building will create a convening place for rural, urban, and global water, food, and agricultural interests, and a home for Denver Water’s world-class Advanced Water Quality Lab. The WRC will host multidisciplinary, year-round programs and conferences to draw tourists, K-12 students, water and food system professionals, researchers, and community members.

Animal Health Building

The Animal Health Building will bring together University experts, veterinarians from around the region, clinical and therapeutic service providers, and non-profit organizations to create a space focused on various aspects of animal health, including the connection between people and animals.  The facility will provide: a home for veterinarians to treat equine athletes; a space for Equine Assisted Therapies and Activities; a clinic for companion animal care; educational spaces that inspire visitors of all ages and showcase the connection between people and animals; and short-term living spaces to support student education and other visitors to the site.

CSU Center

The CSU Center will provide the facilities needed to offer experiential learning opportunities and impactful research centered around food systems, water, energy, the environment, and health. The Center will further the mission of global impact at the NWC by providing K-12 education and interactive learning opportunities for families; research, innovation, and demonstration opportunities, and an Urban Extension and Outreach Center. In addition, the CSU Center will provide space for a variety of activities, including arts performances and business incubation, as well as flexible conference and exhibit space.


CAA ICON is engaged as the Owner's Representative for Colorado State University to oversee the CSU Projects at National Western Center. The following Project Management services are being implemented:

  • Activate
  • Plan and Organize
  • Program and Scheme
  • Design
  • Pre-Construct
  • Construct
  • Complete and Commission