It often takes more than just public money to get a mega-complex entertainment district project off the ground. Canada's Rogers Place is a prime example of how to get it right. 

Speaking at a panel at the Association of Luxury Suite directors (ALSD) annual conference held here this week, Alberta's civic municipal officer Rick Daviss, venue building organization ICON Venue Group's Art Aaron and Melissa Heiter, and for-profit entity Katz Group investor representative Bob Black discussed the difficult, often contentious process of minds meeting to get their $614-million project from the drawing board to full realization...

..."These projects are not easy to get done. We see a lot of pretty pictures and hear a lot of wonderul stories about how great these projects are going to be, but the reality is far from what is presented to the public," said Heiter. "There are a lot of things that get said, a lot of threats that get made and there are a lot of feelings and emotions of the stakeholders, the city and the residents that all tie together before anything comes to fruition."

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