When the Colorado State University Rams meet PAC-12 opponent Oregon State on Aug. 26 for the season home opener at CSU’s new $238.5-million multi-purpose stadium, it will be the first time in almost 50 years that intercollegiate football has been played on the Fort Collins campus...

...“Twenty months is an aggressive schedule, and it took a lot of really good up-front planning,” says Dan Loosbrock, project director for ICON Venue Group, the owner’s representative overseeing work on the stadium.

The initial $220-million budget was increased by $18.5 million when general assignment classrooms, the advising department—identified as the Collaborative for Student Advising—and the alumni center were added to the project plan at the end of 2015, allowing those groups to relocate from other areas on campus. “Adding that scope into the project a bit after the fact was a challenge,” Loosbrock says, “but bringing these groups together in a new space means that every student will walk through the doors for academic advising and then come back around through the alumni center.”

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