How long will it take to build a new stadium at CSU?

Any construction CSU hopes to complete for the proposed on-campus stadium will come down to the progress of all things plant growth. Short of bulldozing a parking lot, no structural work can begin before the Plant Environmental Research Center moves from Lake Street to its potential home south of Prospect Road near Spring Creek...

...With assistance from CSU, The Coloradoan worked with ICON Venue Group — hired by the university to oversee the project — and nonpartisan field experts at Turner Construction and the University of Southern California to establish a realistic timeline of how long it will take to build the stadium should shovels break ground today — no matter when "today" might be.

The consensus — including from ICON, speaking on CSU's behalf — was nearly two years, should weather not slow crews down. But plenty has to be done ahead of time; primarily raising the requisite $110 million in private donations and uprooting the PERC.

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