Imagine a ticket that’s not tied to a seat and a fan who is free to watch, socialize, text and even share a seat for an evening of fun in an arena, just the way they want it.

“No one goes to brick and mortar; they go to an experience,” said Peter Guber, chairman and CEO, Mandalay Entertainment Group, during VenuesNow here, summarizing the tone of topics discussed – how to improve that fan experience...

...The future of stadium design was discussed at VenuesNow. “We’re seeing now that people are curious and want to move around,’ said Tim Romani, CEO, ICON Venue Group. “The game is primary to fans now for only 20 percent of the time the fans are in a baseball park. The other 80 percent of the time they want their attention spread out over five to 10 different things.”

Romani said that design must find ways to accommodate and lead this new paradigm.

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