When the CAN$480m Rogers Place opened this September with its innovative above-street Ford Hall entrance and adjoining Community Ice Rink, it was the culmination of a public/ private partnership (PPP) that represents a true brokered meeting of minds...

...Daviss continued: “Early on, we brought in ICON Venue Group as owner’s representative for both the City and the Katz Group. They really knew what to look for and how to focus some of the content to our architect.”

...Black said: “ICON’s role was very important. In the dark days of negotiations, Dan Vaillant, ICON Senior Vice President who served as Project Executive, helped us greatly in achieving a very functional partnership."

Daviss concurred with these sentiments and added: “ICON had the confidence of both parties. Dan was a very patient, thoughtful, diligent guy who guided both of us towards common viewpoints.

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