...While almost every other new arena to come on board in the past decade or more experienced major cost-cutting alterations from the design stage to the end of construction stage, Rogers Place in downtown Edmonton appears it will make it to the turn-over-the-keys stage without having that happen.

“Another reason this project has gone really well if you want to compare it to any other developments that have gone on in North America is that we retained ICON Venue Group as our project manager and they brought a great deal of expertise and helped Bob and I make tough decisions."

“‘This is how we dealt with this in Pittsburgh’ they’d tell us. Or they’d explain how they dealt with something in other venues they worked on. Having them lead us through the process with such a significant amount of dialog amongst the architect, PCL, our project managers, the Katz Group and the City all making sure we are in a room together at least once a week, made it easy to tackle issues.”

"...They really helped Sheppard us through some difficult times both during the negotiation phase with the City and the efforts to find ways to maximize on the impact per dollar spent. I think that they can justifiably look at those outcomes with a great measure of pride and the recognition they played a real valuable role in achieving those outcomes.”

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