Congratulations to the ICON Toronto team: Stephanie Bax, Jonathon Southgate, Carrie McKinnon, Dan Vaillant and George Messina on receiving an Occupancy Permit for the BioSteel Centre, the new training facility for the Toronto Raptors. The new facility will officially open in advance of the NBA All-Star Game in Toronto on February 14, 2016.  

For the Raptors, the training facility will feature numerous components to help the team’s coaches and players prepare for games. There will be two regulation-sized NBA courts, a large medical area, a full hydrotherapy zone and an athletic training room that will be twice the size of their current one. What sets the Raptors' facility apart from many of the others across the league is its prominent location. Set in the heart of the city, the building is easy to reach and figures into an already scenic spot overlooking both Lake Ontario and the city’s downtown skyline.

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