Las Vegas: the home of high rollers, stratospheric expectations and monumental pomp. MGM and AEG’s new Las Vegas Arena will, says its website, ‘bring the city, and the world, a whole new place to play… The Arena is what the Coliseum was to Rome. It will redefine and reshape how the monolithic events of our time are experienced and remembered.’ Low-key it isn’t.

The developers of the US $375m indoor arena broke ground on May 1, 2014, with completion scheduled for spring 2016, building through a period when Las Vegas’s offering to visitors continues to evolve....

...For Rob Stephens, senior vice president at ICON Venue Group, the Arena’s project manager, a key challenge is making sure the building has sufficient revenue potential. “These buildings are driven by sponsorship opportunities in many ways. We have to drive revenue and get innovative ideas within a reasonable budget."

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